A Scott Yancey Real Estate Event Can Help You Learn What It Takes To Be Successful

Rod Dabney attended a Scott Yancey real estate workshop because he wanted to make more money, help himself get out of debt, help his son through college and to help others. Rod’s review of his experience at the Yancey event is below:


Rod felt he learned a lot of new information and now he has become enlighten and excited. He would recommend this event to others and now with what he has taken from this training he feels he can begin in and do real estate investing.

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Here is more on Scott’s article Absorption Rate- Your Best Friend for Knowing When to Invest

In starter homes and lower priced markets, sales tend to be faster, so you may see average absorption in the 3-month to 6-month range. To get the value from using the local absorption rate in making decisions, you need to keep up with the rate over time. It is changes you’re looking for.

Back to our example, let’s say that we’ve been watching the absorption rate for a while, and it is normally running between 5 and 7 months, as it is in our calculation. It’s pretty much a normal market right now.

But, we do it again next month, of course our three months will change to the closest three, and suddenly we see that it has dropped to 4 months. In other words, we’re selling off inventory faster for one of two reasons: Read more here…. http://ift.tt/2dmYZ4F.

By watching the absorption rate in your local real estate marketing you can make better decisions on your investments.
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Learn How to Use the Numbers at a Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Event

Carla Bell and Darnell Richardson both thought that learning how to use the numbers and to trust the numbers they developed as one of the top things they learned at the Scott Yancey real estate training they attended.


They both felt that the program will help them move quicker and faster in developing their real estate business. They were asked if they felt the Scott Yancey training was worth the investment they made. Darnell said, absolutely, and that he just needed to get over his fears.

He was asked that now going through the training would he be able to find buyers easier. He stated that yes, it would and he never expected as a realtor that there were so many buyers out there and that these buyers would be accessible to him. Carla totally agreed with him.

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Scott is a real estate expert and has put together a great team that conducts his training across the US . Scott Yancey is an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, an author, and a TV personality. He’s been doing real estate deals for many years now. Scott’s training seminars have been structured to help aspiring real estate investors. That includes seasoned investors and people new to real estate investing.
Learn How to Use the Numbers at a Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Event syndicated from http://www.scottyanceyreviews.com/learn-how-to-use-the-numbers-at-a-scott-yancey-real-estate-live-event/.