Give Yourself a Jump Start by Attending a Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event

James and Billie from Albany, Oregon went to a Scott Yancey training program to help give their real estate investing business a jump start. One thing that they got out of the workshop is that a lot of the misconceptions they had that were going on over the last 5 years which included the different laws and everything, they are learning that a lot of those were just misconceptions.

James and Billie’s video review of Scott Yancey’s workshop follows below:
They now know what they can and cannot do and they needed that to feel comfortable to get back into real estate investing. The experience at the workshop has been really good for them.

Billie says that she now feels really encourage as they had gotten out of real estate. We just felt that things were not happening. Since attending Scott Yancey’s training, now she feels much better about being able to get back into real estate and start making some money.

Their motivation on why they attended this program was as they said, they wanted to get back into real estate investing and they had to catch up on everything. They went to the one-day workshop and it seemed like that was what they wanted so they decided to pick the Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Events over other company’s real estate seminars and training. They had also seen Scott Yancey on TV doing the rehabs ( and thought “WOW let’s go to one of his training events”, so we are here.

The advice they would give to someone considering coming to one of Yancey’s 2-day real estate training would be that this seems like exactly what most people would need to jump start their real estate business. The training has everything that you would want or need. They had been to a couple of other company’s training and they were not at all what they wanted. Scott’s workshop was exactly what they needed.

Scott Yancey’s training has answered all of their questions and then some. The mentoring has been extremely useful and they have been given a wealth of information on where to go for resources.

This is what Scott Yancey is tweeting about today:

// Check out more of what Scott is doing – and to keep up with Scott’s activities.

Give Yourself a Jump Start by Attending a Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event syndicated from this Scott Yancey Training Review site


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