Scott Yancey Real Estate Workshops are Exciting

This couple, from Woodburn Oregon, felt the Scott Yancey Real Estate workshop they attended was very exciting. They enjoyed Scott’s seminar and thought the subject matter was very relevant and a perfect fit for them. Ron and Racey Hines have been looking for something for some time that they both could be excited about doing and that will meet the goals that they have and enjoy life at the same time. This looks like this is it.
Their motivation for coming was that they had been looking for several years for something that would, both fit their lifestyle that they would enjoy and in the time frames they were interested in. This program presented by the Scott Yancey team fit this criteria.

They have been self-employed for a number of years so they are used to that aspect of working independently but it looks like real estate investing is going to give them additional freedom to moved about and generate income at the same time.

Their experience at the Scott Yancey live event ended up being much more than they had expected to receive. Ron suggested that others should check out Scott’s training and meet the Yancey team. He stated that if it looks like it is something that will work for you go for it and do not be afraid to move. Racey said that she thought that under any circumstances it is certainly worth investing a day of your time and you can choose to invest more and even have opportunities to recoup the investment you make. You have nothing to loose.

They were asked if it had been worth it for the both of them and Ron said very much so. Racey went on to say that they are enjoying the speakers and the other people that they have met so it has been a great way to spend a couple of days.

What is Scott Yancey doing in his spare time when has actually has some. See this latest tweet:

// and check out more and what Scott Yancey has to say here –

Scott Yancey Real Estate Workshops are Exciting syndicated from this Scott Yancey Training Review site


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