At a Scott Yancey Real Estate Event You Will Learn How To Market Your Business

Paula Jameson’s motivation for coming to A Scott Yancey training event was to get back into real estate and learn how to market her business correctly this time.

Paula, from Eugene, Oregon, said the workshop has been phenomenal, she had been engaged, and she has learned several strategies that make sense to her and that she can put into action. With the strategies she has learned at Scott’s real estate program she will be able to up her game and do well. Her advice on the training was to attend a Yancey seminar as it would be well worth your time and well worth your money. It could be a great fit for someone that wants to reach their goals in real estate.

Scott Yancey is tweeting about this:

// and you can see this tweet and others on Tweeter here –

Here is an excerpt from the article on the Huffington Post that Scott was talking about in his tweet.

Rental Investors Large & Small Evolving

A lot more than just a housing and mortgage meltdown started in 2006. It seems like that point marked the beginning of change in the “American Dream” for many. Of course, the crash tarnished the dream when so many lost their homes and values plummeted to levels that are just now beginning to come back in many areas.

The Millennial generation saw their parents and some grandparents losing their homes, and the idea that home ownership as almost mandatory to the American life is not very strong in their minds. Members of that generation still living at home with their parents is at levels higher than in the past. Between a soft job economy and student debt, even college graduates aren’t buying homes in anywhere normal volume. Many cannot afford a down payment either or save for one at their income level. Read the full article here ….

You will see from the article that the rental investment market may again be making a comeback. With the continued tight credit situation, which throttles buying, and low employment opportunities, millennials will be renting for some time to come.
At a Scott Yancey Real Estate Event You Will Learn How To Market Your Business syndicated from this Scott Yancey Training Review site


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