Give Yourself a Jump Start by Attending a Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Event

James and Billie from Albany, Oregon went to a Scott Yancey training program to help give their real estate investing business a jump start. One thing that they got out of the workshop is that a lot of the misconceptions they had that were going on over the last 5 years which included the different laws and everything, they are learning that a lot of those were just misconceptions.

James and Billie’s video review of Scott Yancey’s workshop follows below:
They now know what they can and cannot do and they needed that to feel comfortable to get back into real estate investing. The experience at the workshop has been really good for them.

Billie says that she now feels really encourage as they had gotten out of real estate. We just felt that things were not happening. Since attending Scott Yancey’s training, now she feels much better about being able to get back into real estate and start making some money.

Their motivation on why they attended this program was as they said, they wanted to get back into real estate investing and they had to catch up on everything. They went to the one-day workshop and it seemed like that was what they wanted so they decided to pick the Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Events over other company’s real estate seminars and training. They had also seen Scott Yancey on TV doing the rehabs ( and thought “WOW let’s go to one of his training events”, so we are here.

The advice they would give to someone considering coming to one of Yancey’s 2-day real estate training would be that this seems like exactly what most people would need to jump start their real estate business. The training has everything that you would want or need. They had been to a couple of other company’s training and they were not at all what they wanted. Scott’s workshop was exactly what they needed.

Scott Yancey’s training has answered all of their questions and then some. The mentoring has been extremely useful and they have been given a wealth of information on where to go for resources.

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Achieve Your Financial Freedom Learning About Real Estate Investing

Scott Yancey Live Real Estate Events Can Help You Accomplish Your Goals of Financial Freedom

Achieving financial freedom is exactly the reason why Josh Dority, from Albany Oregon, came to this Scott Yancey real estate training program. He also wanted to learn more about real estate investing, which the Yancey event was able to offer.
Josh’s experience was good and the training was very informative as you can see from viewing the video above. He said the teachers at the seminar answer any questions you have and they have a great support team.

Josh went on to say that the training he received at the Scott Yancey real estate training program was definitely worth it for him.

Looks like Scott Yancey had trouble with a counter top installer at one of his flips. See the tweet below:

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It is unfortunate that something like this happens.

Did You Know That Scott Yancey’s Goliath Company Is A Full-Service Brokerage

The following is directly from the website of the Goliath Company:

GOLIATH PROPERTIES is a full-service Real Estate Brokerage with considerable experience working in luxury residential markets and commercial projects of all size and scope. The Principal Broker, Scott E. Yancey has been licensed for over 20 years. GOLIATH PROPERTIES works as hard to provide you with the exact, results-oriented approach for your transactions as we do with our own. Read more about the brokerage side of the Goliath Company here –

Achieve Your Financial Freedom Learning About Real Estate Investing syndicated from this Scott Yancey Training Review site

Learn to Put Information Into Action at Scott Yancey Real Estate Live Events

John and Felice Orlando, from Lebanon Oregon, attended a Scott Yancey live real estate event in Oregon. They thought the seminar was great and they are looking forward to learning a lot more. They are learning a lot of little things that help fill in the blanks of what they were missing before. There is a lot of in-depth stuff they have to pay attention to during the workshop but that was exactly what John and Felice were looking for. Below is John and Felice’s Scott Yancey training review video;

The real estate workshop has put out a lot of good information which they cannot wait to put into actual action. That is what they are looking forward to doing next.

Their motivation for coming to the event from John’s perspective was family, making money to take care of family and to getting set up to relax the rest of their lives. Janice said her motivation in coming was that she needed something to do and to help take financial pressure off her husband.

They were asked what advice they would give to someone coming to this two-day real estate investment training. They said if someone is serious they should jump into it and that some of the materials that they give you at the initial seminar, you should take the time to really go through them. John went on to say that the training absolutely works but you have to put yourself into it and the Scott Yancey real estate event was absolutely worth it for them.

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From all of Scott’s reviews that can be seen at this channel –, you can see that his training is very good and comprehensive about real estate investing.

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Scott Yancey Training Program Excellent Source Of Real Estate Investing Information

Janice Stuck attended a Scott Yancey real estate training program and she could not believe how much of an almost endless source of information she was given. When Janice gets home, she will be able to analyze it and let it sink in. Again, she was just amazed at the substance of the information.

The reason Janice signed up for the event is because she wants to be her own boss. Janice also wants to get out of debt and be able to rely on herself and not other people.

Janice’s suggestion to others that are thinking about making the investment to come to Scott Yancey’s 3 day real estate training is to take the step because you can learn so much and you can take what you want and leave the rest, make it your own. Janice said she could not wait until the next day’s training where she will learn how to use the insider money which will really be a benefit.

Not only being an investor, flipper and putting together an outstanding training program, Scott Yancey is also an author on The Huffington Post. Here is part of the author description:

That approach of buying low and flipping high has led to the Yancey’s opening their own brokerage, hosting their own TV show where they give those watching the inside scoop on all their flips, and teaching others from around the world about different investment strategies that have the potential to take them to the financial security that they have experienced in real estate. Now a published author, TV star, and real estate educator, Scott Yancey seeks any and all opportunities he can to share his success with those who come looking for it. Read more about Scott’s author biography…

What is Scott Yancey tweeting about?

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Scott Yancey Real Estate Workshops are Exciting

This couple, from Woodburn Oregon, felt the Scott Yancey Real Estate workshop they attended was very exciting. They enjoyed Scott’s seminar and thought the subject matter was very relevant and a perfect fit for them. Ron and Racey Hines have been looking for something for some time that they both could be excited about doing and that will meet the goals that they have and enjoy life at the same time. This looks like this is it.
Their motivation for coming was that they had been looking for several years for something that would, both fit their lifestyle that they would enjoy and in the time frames they were interested in. This program presented by the Scott Yancey team fit this criteria.

They have been self-employed for a number of years so they are used to that aspect of working independently but it looks like real estate investing is going to give them additional freedom to moved about and generate income at the same time.

Their experience at the Scott Yancey live event ended up being much more than they had expected to receive. Ron suggested that others should check out Scott’s training and meet the Yancey team. He stated that if it looks like it is something that will work for you go for it and do not be afraid to move. Racey said that she thought that under any circumstances it is certainly worth investing a day of your time and you can choose to invest more and even have opportunities to recoup the investment you make. You have nothing to loose.

They were asked if it had been worth it for the both of them and Ron said very much so. Racey went on to say that they are enjoying the speakers and the other people that they have met so it has been a great way to spend a couple of days.

What is Scott Yancey doing in his spare time when has actually has some. See this latest tweet:

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At a Scott Yancey Real Estate Event You Will Learn How To Market Your Business

Paula Jameson’s motivation for coming to A Scott Yancey training event was to get back into real estate and learn how to market her business correctly this time.

Paula, from Eugene, Oregon, said the workshop has been phenomenal, she had been engaged, and she has learned several strategies that make sense to her and that she can put into action. With the strategies she has learned at Scott’s real estate program she will be able to up her game and do well. Her advice on the training was to attend a Yancey seminar as it would be well worth your time and well worth your money. It could be a great fit for someone that wants to reach their goals in real estate.

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Here is an excerpt from the article on the Huffington Post that Scott was talking about in his tweet.

Rental Investors Large & Small Evolving

A lot more than just a housing and mortgage meltdown started in 2006. It seems like that point marked the beginning of change in the “American Dream” for many. Of course, the crash tarnished the dream when so many lost their homes and values plummeted to levels that are just now beginning to come back in many areas.

The Millennial generation saw their parents and some grandparents losing their homes, and the idea that home ownership as almost mandatory to the American life is not very strong in their minds. Members of that generation still living at home with their parents is at levels higher than in the past. Between a soft job economy and student debt, even college graduates aren’t buying homes in anywhere normal volume. Many cannot afford a down payment either or save for one at their income level. Read the full article here ….

You will see from the article that the rental investment market may again be making a comeback. With the continued tight credit situation, which throttles buying, and low employment opportunities, millennials will be renting for some time to come.
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A Scott Yancey Real Estate Event Can Help You Learn What It Takes To Be Successful

Rod Dabney attended a Scott Yancey real estate workshop because he wanted to make more money, help himself get out of debt, help his son through college and to help others. Rod’s review of his experience at the Yancey event is below:

Rod felt he learned a lot of new information and now he has become enlighten and excited. He would recommend this event to others and now with what he has taken from this training he feels he can begin in and do real estate investing.

This is Scott’s latest tweet –

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Here is more on Scott’s article Absorption Rate- Your Best Friend for Knowing When to Invest

In starter homes and lower priced markets, sales tend to be faster, so you may see average absorption in the 3-month to 6-month range. To get the value from using the local absorption rate in making decisions, you need to keep up with the rate over time. It is changes you’re looking for.

Back to our example, let’s say that we’ve been watching the absorption rate for a while, and it is normally running between 5 and 7 months, as it is in our calculation. It’s pretty much a normal market right now.

But, we do it again next month, of course our three months will change to the closest three, and suddenly we see that it has dropped to 4 months. In other words, we’re selling off inventory faster for one of two reasons: Read more here….

By watching the absorption rate in your local real estate marketing you can make better decisions on your investments.
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